12 Inch 3D Phone Enlarged Screen Magnifier The 3D Phone Screen Magnifier is an easy-to-use screen enlarger for smartphones. These days, there are so many wonderful programs to watch on your phone. From sports to TV shows and even full-length movies, the possibilities are as big as the world wide web. But, the size of your phone’s screen can really take away from the fun, especially when more than one person wants to watch. Tired of squinting at your phone’s tiny screen? Just slip your smartphone onto this magnifying stand to watch movies, sports, and TV shows more comfortably. Features: 1 - 2 Meter viewing distance Easy to set up Eye-protecting screen magnifier Mobile phone bracket 12-inch Magnifier size Ergonomic design Great for use on MOST cell phones Magnification provides a more enjoyable viewing experience and helps reduce eye fatigue. The Screen Enlarger gives you a larger screen, perfecting for watching on your own or with others. It is super convenient, compact, and sturdy – use it anywhere! Magnifies the screen on your mobile device up to 3 times Convenient for traveling Color: Random Specifications: Product Size: 260 x 174 x 9mm Materials: ABS + Acrylic Lens What In The Box: 1 x Phone Magnifier

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