Provide soothing comfort while taking baby’s temperature. Babies are fussy, especially when you’re poking, prodding and putting things where they don’t belong. And who can blame them? But now there’s a new way to take baby’s temperature in a comfortable, non-invasive way with the Baby Temp Pacifier Thermometer. A perfect item for babies or children aged under 4 or below. Designed specifically to measure baby's temperature easily in 5 minutes - Simply press the On & Off button! Description:- Perfect and practical to measure the temperature of a baby with a comfortable soft nipple. No need to prod and poke in ears, under arms and under tongue; just pop the pacifier/soother/dummy in the mouth LCD display, high accuracy and fast response, quickly take temperature and easy to read digital display Orthodontic shape to not impede in growing teeth and made of a soft silicone material to be comfortable on the gums Before use, please disinfect the nipple with soap and warm water first. When a body fever is detected, the thermometer will make a quick sound warning; normally when the measurement is complete Product Specifications:- It resets easily. The current temperature is measured and displayed once the digital degree sign (Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree) stops flashing. Beeper function Auto shut-off function after after usage Convenient, accurate, and hygienic for usage Temperature Range: 32 - 42 Celsius degree

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