FEATURES:- Magnetic alphabets, Numerals and signs Abacus A clock to learn time 2 ways white/blackboard Marker and duster This toy will help your child to develop imagination ability. Magnetic alphabets, Numerals and signs will help kids with the formation of words; imaginatively solving mathematics. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination Product size: 44 x 36 cm Suitable for 3+ years kids. This toy will do these three things amongst others Imagination: This toy can inspire your child's imagination ability. Diffuse skills: This toy would help your child to study, and jointly complete. Hand to eye coordination: It would also effectively enhance his/her hands and eye coordination. Black and White Both Learning Multipurpose Double-Sided Magnetic Wooden Writing Board Recommended for small kids. this educational learning board multipurpose double-sided magnetic wooden board is best suited for an early learner for ages of 2 to 4 years kids. the best of everything your child's creativity needs with this all-in-1 wooden chalkboard and whiteboard Easy wipe-clean black / whiteboards with a smooth surface. A fun way for children to be creative Comes with 26 magnetic alphabet wooden letters and 0 to 20 numbers with mathematical symbols, beads and clocks

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