The Ultimate Coffee Mug! Powered by two AAA batteries, the coffee mug is a great accessory to have in your kitchen. This is considered the best beverage-mug for 'lazy people'. If you consider the hassle of washing spoons, stirring beverages and then washing again to be quite a bother, this coffee mug simply does the work for you. All you need to do is pour in your coffee (or any other beverage for that matter) and then press a button. Does everything within seconds. The power-on button is conveniently located at the top of the hold-handle, so you can easily turn the propeller on. No sweat, no hassle, just a product that makes stirring beverages a whole lot easier! It's great for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soups. Simply press the 'stir' button and have the hard work done for you! Features:- New innovation self stirring mug With the press of a button, your drink stirs itself Little whirring disc at the bottom spins and froths Easily blend in your cream and sugar without a spoon Mug with drink through lid included To clean just pour in soap and press a button to stir Color: Black

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