Description:- Prepare all your favorite potato dishes with Tater Gloves. 8 seconds is all you need! Tater Potato Peeling gloves peel potatoes, vegetables or fruits in a few seconds! Do you find it difficult to peel potatoes? Does it take you too much time? Do you think you are wasting your food by peeling off thick slices? Have you cut yourself trying to peel a potato? All these problems will disappear, once you have the Potato Peeling Gloves! You have to see it to believe it! Features:- A great kitchen tool to help you simply peel the outer skin of any vegetable! One size fits all Peeling nubs are molded on gloves, allows you to easily peel potatoes, yam and many more Safer than knives or peeler blades and also keeps more vitamins intact Waterproof; protects your hands against water and dirt

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