ULTIMATE FUZZ REMOVER Keep your knits in a minty condition. This fuzz remover comes with interchangeable fabric-sensitive attachments to get rid of the fuzz, pills, and balls from almost any kind of fabric, fiber, or knit. Full Details of Product:- • Safe—will not pull or tear or damage your woven knit fabrics. Also safe for use on upholstery • Edge 1 for large, bulky pills commonly found on wool, acrylic sweaters, and coats • Edge 2 for medium-sized fuzz balls found on finer wools such as cashmere and merino. Also highly effective on acrylics, polyesters, synthetic blends, and fleece • Edge 3 for delicate, fine pilling such as cotton and silk blends usually found on T-shirts, scarves, and shirt collars • Easy Edge release button • Recommended to use with light pressure, but more may be needed with synthetic fabrics • Use caution with loose weave fabrics or knits and ultra-thin materials such as burn-out fabrics • Should not be used on embroidery

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